Find the answers you're searching for through a tarot reading by High Priestess Ananda.

Why Tarot?

"Everything you sent hit really close to home for me." -- Janelle, Florida
For a review of my readings, please see the recent article on xoJane, "We Got Tarot Readings via Email, and They Were Actually Pretty Cool."

Tarot reading allows you to tap into the Universal Consciousness that connects us all. This is why accurate tarot readings can be done through email: you and I are already connected. Tarot can not only tell you what may happen in the future, it can also tell you how best to prepare for it. Ultimately, the tarot will guide you toward becoming your best and happiest self. You not only learn about what may come to pass, but also gain insights into the events of the present, including your own subconscious thoughts and beliefs which may be sabotaging your success. Tarot can be helpful in both the most practical sense of guiding you in questions of money or relationships, but also in the most spiritual sense of allowing you to tap into the insights of your higher self. Join me and we will explore the tarot's wisdom together!

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